Modern Fleet

Fully-Loaded Trucks
for Your Supply Chain

Our full truckload service guarantees the dedicated use of an entire truck solely for your delivery. This efficient solution ensures optimal security, timely deliveries, and direct transport, making it an ideal choice for specialized logistics with multiple destinations. Trust us to streamline your logistics needs with this comprehensive solution designed to meet the demands of large-scale transportation seamlessly.

Asset Portfolio

All the tank lorries are in compliance with the rules identified by OGRA, and all other related regulations enforced at the time, ensuring the safety of the product. These include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Power-to-weight ratio compliant.
  • ABS braking system.
  • Original 10-wheeler prime movers. Imported certified kingpin and fifth-wheel couplers.
  • Italian Normac fittings.
  • Fireproofing.
  • Dedicated to oil tankers only.
  • One-piece storage tank with minimum welding.

Kingpin and 5th Wheel

Brand new imported kingpin and 5th wheel couplers in all vehicles.

These parts join the semi-trailer with the tractor. These are highly stressed parts and are made from high-strength steel and specialized manufacturing processes. Also, these parts require testing and certification at the manufacturing stage.

One Piece Storage Tank with Minimum Welding

The storage tanks are made from a one-piece HR-275 steel sheet, 5mm in width. Preparation using angles fitted inside the tanks is prohibited which safeguards the product in case of rollovers.

Normac-Italy fittings

Normac-Italy fittings are used which eliminates leakage/fire issues due to automatic pressure lock after any sort of impact.

Electronic Braking System

Several benefits of EBS are:
  • Reduces response and build-up times
  • Reduces braking distance by several meters
  • Decisive in some situations
  • Has integrated ABS function

Under Carriage

Landing Gear used is tested to 50 Ton Static Load Gear operation for ease of raising/lowering by one person.

Suspension used are Leaf Springs which are high grade SUP-9 material specific for providing flex. It provides a smooth and stable ride for the vehicle and low height improves vehicle stability,

Specifically manufactured for Oil Tankers

The tanker trolly is manufactured to be specifically used for liquid transportation instead of tanks placed on trailers with the help of U- bolts. This gives the vehicle stability and avoids major accidents.

Holding utmost safety
and maintenance

Pakistan Tankers Company takes pride in managing an exclusive fleet at its peak performance. Our trucks undergo regular maintenance at specialized service centers, ensuring compliance with HSE, OGRA, NHSO, NHSO, and Petroleum Act and Motor Vehicle Ordinance. Maintenance and security checks are diligently conducted during transit to uphold safety and regulatory measures. We leave no stone unturned to ensure efficient logistics solutions for our clients, backed by a commitment to compliance and excellence.

Our drivers are well-equipped to operate a modern fleet of trucks, instilling confidence in our clients that their delivery is being handled by experts who prioritize safety, regulatory adherence, and reliable service.

High-tech modern
fleet for advanced

Our modern fleet is purpose-built to handle chemical fuels with cutting-edge technology and safety features. Rigorous adherence to safety standards ensures secure transportation, offering peace of mind to our clients. Each vehicle is meticulously maintained, minimizing risks associated with chemical transport. Our commitment to excellence extends to our specialized fleet, providing efficient and reliable logistics solutions for chemical fuel transport needs. Trust in our modern vehicles for precision and safety in handling chemical fuels.

100% compliant
for safety.

All our vehicles are in compliance with OGRA, NHSO, and Petroleum Act and Moto Vehicle Ordinance, following a thorough maintenance and inspection plan.