Your Reliable
Logistics Partner

Our services inlcude: Transportation of condensate, crude oil, and other chemicals, transportation of fuel, LPG, coal, limestone, and other bulk movements, transportation of dry cargo, corporate rental vehicle, bonded cargo movement, and warehousing.

Delivering with

Our comprehensive risk management ensures secure transportation with route hazard mapping to identify optimal routes. We keep a close check on mobile phone usage, seat belt adherence, speed limits, driver fatigue, and cabin conditions to ensure efficient logistics solutions, driver safety, and timely deliveries.

Focusing on Client

We want our clients to feel confident when handing their logistics to us, and to do so, we ensure a strict quality control at all points. From having specialized service stations on board to ensuring proper rest and health checkups for drivers, Pakistan Tankers Company offers unmatched convenience and peace of mind to its clients, keeping them in the loop throughout.

Liquid Cargo Transportation

State-of-the-art vehicles equipped for transporting chemicals, crude oil, condensate, and fuels, ensuring secure and efficient delivery of liquid cargo, adhering to OGRA, NHMP and ADR standards.

Dry Cargo

Containerized vehicles designed for the safe transport of goods and nonperishable items. Safe handling of container movements through flatbed vehicles, ensuring the integrity of goods during transit. Adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for precise and on-time deliveries.

LPG Supply

Specialized service for the reliable and timely supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Modern vehicles equipped with advanced safety features for secure LPG transportation across the country. Adhering to OGRA standards with 360-420 horsepower vehicles.

Tipping Trolleys for
Bulk Cargo

Dedicated tipping trollies for the efficient movement of bulk cargo such as coal, limestone, crush, sand and salt etc. Specialized equipment to handle heavy materials with precision, ensuring safety and reliability.

Corporate Employee Movement

Offering PTC maintained corporate fleet for the official use driven by trained chauffeurs or self. These range from Hatchbacks, Sedans, to SUV`s and pickups. Integration with IVMS tracking to ensure eye on every move.